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Tunisia has so many gorgeous islands with breathtaking scenery that you will want to make a point of learning all you can about some of them. Many of these islands are visited by thousands of tourists on a regular basis, and they offer their own little slice of paradise for those who visit.

Islands and Beaches of Tunisia


Kerkennah Islands

This island was used as a port by the Romans back in the day, and today it has been all but forgotten. After the Roman Empire was no more, the island was again available to the public at large to enjoy. Kekennah is actually part of a smaller group of islands that can be found off Tunisia’s east coast. To be more precise, these islands are located in the Gulf of Gabes. While this island may be fairly small, it is still stunningly beautiful.



Located in the southeast, Djerba is a very popular Tunisian island with some of the best beautiful beaches that attract tourists and natives from all over. If you are visiting Tunisia and want to work on your tan as well as do some swimming, this peninsula is a great place to do both. Djerba is known as the “island of a thousand palm trees,” and you will quickly see why when you visit. The white sand beaches of this island offer an excellent place to lie down and tan or build sand castles.

There are a number of old villages that you can explore when you wish to go shopping or get something to eat. Overall, Djerba is a must-see island when going to Tunisia. One of the things that this island is known for is its diverse collection of tourists and residents. There are a number of markets, restaurants and shops for you to visit while you are here.

The beaches of Djerba are frequented by many natives and tourists on a regular basis, and there are quite a few of them. When you are here you won’t have any problems whatsoever with finding something fun to do. Whether it is relaxing with a cup of delicious coffee in an outdoor café or splashing in the ocean, this island truly has it all.

When you visit Djerba, there are a number of different places you can stay. Tui Sensimar Palm Beach Palace is a highly-rated resort that many people enjoy staying at while they are visiting this area.


Vincci Helios Beach

Vincci Helios Beach, which can be found on Djerba, offers some of the best scenery on the entire island. If you are going to Tunisia on holiday, you will find that this particular beach is typically free from the usual crowds of tourist. With a number of hotels nearby, you simply cannot go wrong when visiting this beach.


El Hauoaria

El Hauoria is a hidden gem of Tunisia, and it’s the perfect place to go if you are tired of dealing with tourist-packed beaches. This island’s incredible cliffs and choppy waters make for a truly amazing sight to say the least. If you are looking for a great place to go hiking, this is certainly one place that you will want to look into. It’s also an excellent spot for bird watching, as there are many colorful and exotic native birds all around. While it’s true that there are quite a bit different islands and beaches Tunisia has to offer, El Hauoria is definitely one of the very best and least visited.


Borj El Hissar

You can reach Borj El Hissar by ferry, and its many palm trees couples with the white sand beaches make for an excellent day trip. You won’t find any roads on this island, but instead miles of sand and rock. This is one of the more charming and beautiful smaller islands of Tunisia.



Remla is at the heart of the Kerkennah Islands, and it can be found on the eastern coast. It is definitely a smaller island, but it still has a lot to offer with its unspoiled beauty. One of the great things about this particular island is that it has lots of great places to eat, so you won’t have to go very far to find a delicious meal.


Plage de Chaffar

Plage de Chaffar in Sfax is a wonderful place for you to go if you want to walk along miles of glistening sand. Chaffar Beach is a popular place for tourists, so you can expect it to be at least somewhat crowded during the peak season. Relax on the beach with a cold drink while you take in the amazing scenery around you.



If you are seeking true adventure and fun while you are in Tunisia, you will find that Monastir beach has everything you need to complete your trip. The sandy shores of this beach can explored by way of camel or boat. We highly recommend that you try waterskiing or taking a ride on a banana boat while you are here. This beach typically isn’t all that crowded, even during the peak season.


Galite Islands

The Galite Islands are comprised of a number of small to medium-sized islands that have beautiful rocky cliffs and white sand beaches. La Galite, which is the main island in this chain, is the only one that is accessible by traditional means. The Galitons are the smallest set of islands, and they can be found just 1 to 2 km northeast of La Galite.

La Galite covers a total area of 3 square miles, and it has tall cliffs that peak at nearly 400 meters. There aren’t many people who live on this island, save for a few families of fishermen. The Many people come to this main island each year to witness its striking scenery and swim along its sandy coastline. If you are planning on visiting Tunisia, we highly recommend that you try to make it to this island in particular. The Galite Islands are just one of the many geographic wonders that make this country so beautiful.

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